The walk to save Bwindi Impenetrable Park and Forest in Southern Uganda for biodiversity Conservation

As lots ecological services and valuable products parks and forest offers, it’s our responsibility as the young generation to protect these ecosystems to make their continuity in offering these services and products. Bwindi impenetrable my favorite place of travel is a natural forest and park with rich magnificent ecosystems providing a range of products to the local community around and best services, but as human timber and non-timber products, with in this forest, some few patches are being degraded or modified into other forms for human benefits and this threaten the diversity of organisms with in and around. A brighter morning straight away from Kampala to Bwindi our journey commenced powered by Earth day Network Uganda together with Miss conservation Kigezi, An 8 hours drive approximate to 473.9 km, enjoying the drive through majestic kigezi hills, with yawning and stipple hunger in the bus tiresome but all we had to travel and walk with in Bwindi and around the forest to makes i…

Hot pepper / Chilli production

Chilli pepper is one of the trending fast growing crop in Africa. It's also called the Hot pepper and kamulali in Uganda, it takes almost 90days to maturity but all depends on varieties. It can be   harvested throughout the year depending on the availability of water. It is drought resistant and has a high demand on local and export market.

The yield varies considerably depending on varieties, supply of nutrients among others. The average expected yield is 4 to 6 tonnes per hectare. This variation in yields is brought about by lack of water during dry seasons which can lead to flower abortion.
Marketing Analysis

Market for Chilli is available for export but with small local market in supermarket, hotels,and others .it  can also be exported. Before export harvested chillies are kept in cold rooms , where sorting is done to get only quality pepper that can meet export market standsrds, those that can not meet export standard are the one that are crushed and sold locally in res…

Organization of Tree planting Activity


Organizing a Tree Planting Project.

(1).Choose the type of tree planting project you'd like to organise.
(2).Decide who needs to be involved.
(3).Organise a planning committee and set a date for the event.
(4).Choose the planting site and species and get all necessary permits.
(5).Analyze needs and costs.
(6).Raise funds.
(7).Recruit volunteers.
(8).Order trees and supplies.
(9).Invite media participation.
(10).Shedule the event.
(11).Prepare the site.
(12).Assemble equipments and supplies.
(13).Instruct participants and demonstrate proper planting.
(14).Shedule routine maintainance and care.
(15).Reward volunteers and others who helped.
(16).Evaluate the event.

My Environment is my Responsibility, Students for Nature

My Garden Hoe

The garden hoe is one of the oldest, yet underrated tools of gardening. As soon as mankind learned to work the soil to grow food, they also began to construct early, crude forms of garden hoes to make the way of life , as a little child I could not know where Food come from until one day I slept hungry and the next day was in told to see where am stepping , looking down soil was the only object on ground, the next step to ask how can soil produce food ,the answer was enter in the house check any tool having a handle and the cutting blade bring it forth and drill one hole , get a abean seed put inside cover it continue to water it until 2 months  will understand how a metal gung blade is able to make you grow. These days the word “hoe” is used as an insult in many places, carrying all sorts of negative and belittling connotations and yet without it None can live healthy that is why I appreciate hoe, Through out my life time I have been wounded,made tired , beaten and hated just becau…

What we can do to conserve our Ecosystems


Global environmental changes have occurred and has resulted from the advances of science and technology and the development of new innovation for social and economic development and poverty alleviation
Information on global change such a population increase, ozone layer depletion, global warming, loss of biological diversity, deforestation pollution, contamination of water sources, loss of catchment areas has been disseminated throughout the world.
 some impacts that have been identified around Globe can be as follows
There has been increased respiration, transpiration and evaporation from plants vegetation and the soil surface and this has resulted in to lower out puts from the enterprise, there has been also actions of allelopathic and Phyto toxic chemicals in the soils and atmosphere, this is in the view that some of the components chosen in the field were not properly selected thus there is a need for them to be replaced or else to…

About my Environment

oh my!!
what a lovely sky!
green dry all around
weather, water or ground
what if trees are removed?
pollution will increase, its proved!
conditions will be sad
how sorrow and sad
the lovely trees
home of birds and bees
the world without trees we can't afford
the soil will also erode
barren mountains with dry land
now future is in your hand!
we should all not refuse our responsibility
remember, in our lives trees have the most utility!
Let's plant more trees to conserve our environment
           By Wandera Alexander
Coordinator African Food Security      and Climate Army (AFSCA) My Environment is my Responsibility